Child Support

We help you obtain an appropriate child support order

When you have child support needs, we can offer you excellent support and strong representation. We take time to get to know you personally and tailor your case to ensure the best results possible, including:

  • Child support. Child support laws are very complex. Let us analyze your particular financial situation to advocate for your best possible result.  Minnesota statutes provide guidelines for the calculation of appropriate child support. Factors include the respective incomes of the parents, the overnight parenting schedule, whether either party has children from other relationships, whether either parent receives or pays spousal support “maintenance” or “alimony,” whether either party is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed, whether either party receives certain governmental assistance, the cost of health and dental insurance for the child, the cost of daycare, and other factors.
  • A bright future for your children. Secure a positive future for yourself and for your children.

Because there’s a great deal to negotiate between separating parents, having an experienced attorney can make a tremendous difference in finding solutions and working out options that are best for your family. If a judge needs to make a decision regarding your case, we will handle every detail of the litigation and work tenaciously to protect your rights.

For assistance in assessing your child support order, try the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator.

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