Strong Legal Guidance for Grandparents, Fathers and Step-Parent Adoptions


Grandparent custody

The court may allow a grandparent to seek custody or parenting time if the facts of the situation comply with state law. Grandparents can obtain legal or physical custody of their grandchildren if they can demonstrate they’re either interested third parties or de-facto custodians. Our office works with you to obtain an honest assessment of the likelihood of success for your grandparent custody action, and to obtain, preserve and enforce grandparent rights.

We advise grandparents how to proceed to ensure stability and continuity for their grandchildren. Grandparents who are already raising their grandchildren often take in grandchildren without any formal agreement regarding custody or parenting time. Often, these grandparents bear the financial burden of raising their grandchildren while living with the fear their children will take the grandchildren away without warning.

Our office has assisted grandparents in cases where they were afraid for the physical safety of their grandchildren, in cases where their own child — the parent of the grandchildren — died, and in cases where they already were the primary care providers for their grandchildren.

Leaving your grandchildren’s future to chance is an unsettling feeling. Let us assess and advocate for your grandparent custody rights.

Let us help you obtain your rights as a father

Fathers have a right to a meaningful relationship with their children. Attorney, Brian Aho, has handled many paternity actions in order to assist fathers in obtaining and enforcing father’s custody rights. He has successfully obtained custody and/or parenting time for fathers who’ve either been deprived of their right to spend time with their children or are the children’s primary care provider.

We can assist in defending against actions in which you believe you’re not the father of a child by requesting DNA testing and filing motions for relief.

While many mothers have the assistance of the county attorney’s office to help them obtain child support, many fathers go unrepresented. Often, unrepresented fathers are ordered to pay child support and end up with no legal rights to parenting time. Don’t take the chance of going it alone. Call our office for sound legal advice and advocacy regarding your legal rights.

We help fathers obtain the best possible child support outcome for their financial situation, as well as the most meaningful parenting time or custody orders with their children.

Step-parent adoption 

Many step-parents play a significant role in their step-children’s lives. In some cases, the step-parents may be the only parents the child has ever known. Formalizing your legal relationship through adoption can be a difficult, but meaningful, process in the formation of your family.

Completing a step-parent adoption can assist your family in the following ways:

  • Change of name. If you choose, the child’s name can be changed to match the other family members.
  • Right to inherit. Any children you adopt will have the right to inherit property from you, as if they are your biological children.
  • Recognize you as the parent you are. You’ll have the legal right to request custody, or child support in the case of a divorce, and make religious, healthcare and education decisions in regard to the child’s upbringing.

Let us help make your adoption process seamless, so that you can focus on raising your family.

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