Business owners must write and negotiate contracts on a regular basis. Contracts are an official agreement between two parties that often have a significant impact on the business for many years. It is easy to overlook or misunderstand certain language, or to neglect to include important wording in a contract. Our office can help you with wording so you understand the contract language, and the contract wording is favorable to you.

At Aho Law Office, P.A., we often draft and review our client’s contracts for any legal issues that could affect the client’s business success. Attorney, Brian Aho, frequently reviews the following contracts: operating agreements, leases, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreements and joint venture agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, hold harmless agreements, sales contracts, licenses, purchase agreements and vendor contracts.

Something as simple as hiring an employee can have drastic effects if not done correctly. Minnesota is an employment-at-will state. It is therefore important that your offer letter or employee handbook is not construed as an employment contract. You work hard to develop and maintain your customers.  A competently drafted non-compete agreement can prevent your employees from stealing your customers.  You also want a well-worded confidentiality agreement to protect your customer list, intellectual property and goodwill from former employees, vendors, customers and competitors.

It is crucial to protect yourself from your vendors, customers, landlords, and other parties to your contracts. Even if you respect and trust the company with whom you are doing business, a poorly drafted or unfair contract can cause financial losses and may damage your business relationship with the other party. As an experienced Minnesota business attorney, Brian Aho will review and negotiate your contracts to help protect you from other parties that can take advantage of you.

With any contract, it should be reviewed BEFORE you sign it. At a relatively low cost, Attorney, Brian Aho, will assist you in protecting the success of your business.  Brian Aho has years of experience assisting businesses in contract negotiations. For a free consultation, contact Aho Law Office, P.A. at (612) 271-4047 or